Internationally acclaimed Quezon’s Game rolling out in New Zealand this February

A history long forgotten. A tale of leadership that brought sanctuary to WWII refugees from the other end of the world. And the man who made it all possible.

MANILA – Internationally acclaimed “Quezon’s Game” via TFC will begin its New Zealand rollout February 27, 2020.

Once forgotten to history, ABS-CBN Films’ Quezon’s Game, in association with iWant and Kinetek, tells the powerful story of leadership and what one man can accomplish when defeat isn’t an option. Based on a true story of heroism during World War II in the Philippines by Filipino President Manuel L. Quezon who rescued as many persecuted Jews as Oskar Schindler at a time when most countries were turning their backs. He struggled and succeeded in welcoming folks from the other side of the world, thereby creating an enduring friendship between Filipinos and Jews – a true epitome of our humanity.

Set at the dawn of WWII, the film chronicles the seemingly impossible feat Filipino President Manuel L. Quezon (Raymond Bagatsing) had to face to answer a call for humanitarian efforts from thousands of miles away as implored by his friend, prominent Jewish businessman, Alex Frieder (Billy Ray Gallion). Amidst political and personal pressures brought by the Americans’ influence in the Philippines and his lingering tuberculosis, Quezon succeeded against all odds to welcome more than 1,200 refugees. Instrumental to this triumph was his wife, Aurora (Rachel Alejandro), and daughter Baby (Kate Alejandrino). The movie also passed through significant personalities and moments in history such as the young U.S. Army Colonel, future president Dwight D. Eisenhower (David Bianco) and the Japanese occupation that erupted in 1941.

The film reaped positive reviews with Business Mirror praising the story as “…nothing short of magnificent” brought to life by the actors’ “gripping performances…” as sighted by ScreenRaven. To date, Quezon’s Game received 25 awards including the “Awards of Excellence” for Lead Actor, Direction, Asian Film, Cinematography, and Original Score at the 2019 IndieFEST Film Awards, “Gold Remi Awards” for Best Foreign Feature, Best Director, Best Producer, and Best Art Direction at the 2019 WorldFest-Houston International Film + Video Festival and “Best in Show Grand Champion” at the 2019 Cinema World Fest Annual Gala.

Director and cinematographer Matthew Rosen, a British national and Philippine resident of over three decades, was touched by the little-known story from the members of the Jewish Association of the Philippines back in 2009. Together with his wife Lorena Rosen, who co-produced the film, they decided to retell the truly extraordinary and moving tale on the big screen.

Catch the regular screening of “Quezon’s Game” starting February 27th in New Zealand. For more theatre lists and more updates about the film screening, follow TFC New Zealand on Facebook.

Screening starts in February 27, 2020

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